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Heed my words and live your lives by them!

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James- Now with added kittens
8 April 1977
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Part superhero fixation, part mammary obsessed everycunt, James truly is a king among men and a man among women.

Reading James’s journal is perhaps the most physically rewarding, spiritually edifying and emotionally draining things that a gentleman can do, akin perhaps to meeting the girl of your dreams and realising on the second date that she hasn’t even got a working mouth, never mind actual functional genitalia, but not caring, because you’re heels-over-head in love.

As funny as cot-death, as clever as a man idly making cot-death references to appear risqué and perhaps glean a sad chuckle from a retard, James puts the don in hard-on and makes every hateful day of my life worth living to the max in a totally extreme way.

He’s a star, a big bright shiny star and I thank Hecate daily for having been so favoured as to know him and call him Brother. To suckle at his rich russet nipple, to draw the seedy cream of wisdom from that hallowed teat, ay that be close to heaven.

I hate James slightly less than everyone else.
- mrmisanthropy

He came over me in a dream.
- Gwen Stefani

A perfectly proportioned package of perversion.
- elbly

I pity the fool.
- Mr T

Almost as funny as David!
- davywavy

I read it for the articles.
- Larry Flint

How does this man still have a job?
- Nathan the toxicpixie

This journal is an example of the degradation of society and appeals to the lowest common denominator and the basest of humanity.
- CD Taylor

James's Journal - Warning, liable to contravene any workplace regulations regarding Age, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation and Humour. Do not read while drinking any beverage, as such action may lead to damage to your keyboard.

James takes no responsibility for any keyboard/beverage incidents which may occur as a result of reading his journal.
- beckyl

Nothing is finer than a pretty vagina.
Except this journal.
- Hugh Heffner

- thehappygoth

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